Wedding hair- How to choose and some questions to ask yourself !

Looking for inspiration for wedding hair and make up can be a daunting experience! For example when looking in wedding magazines the models in there can have back combed bird´s nested hair with a bow in the side- perfect for a catwalk- However NOT perfect for a wedding day look!

When starting out looking for inspiration for hair and make up ideas, I always say to my brides, take a look through magazines- they don’t need to be bridal magazines, Hello, OK, Vanity Fair,  have  styles that look beautiful, especially at this time of the year, where people have their hair done for Christmas parties etc.  As you go through the magazines, collect all the pictures of styles that you like the look of, and eventually you will see a pattern forming.

Now a few questions to ask yourself when choosing the style

1) Is the hairstyle  VERY different to how I usually look?

I was watching a bridal programme just yesterday, where the bride had her hair short,  (think Halle Berry) and it really suited her bone structure. However when she walked down the aisle she suddenly sprouted  hair extensions.  Whilst I am a fan of hair extensions on a brides wedding day, the look for this particular bride was EXTREMELY different to how she usually looks,  the groom´s face was priceless when she reached the alter, after  she admitted that she had never worn extensions before !  TOP TIP- Do not try a totally different look on your wedding day, you want a style that’s Classic, Timeless and Elegant., you don’t want to look back and think…What Was I thinking ????

2) Does the hair style have lasting stability to hold from the alter to the very last dance ?

Whilst you want amazing hair on your wedding day, the style needs to have lasting ability to look the same from when you walk down the aisle to when you are dancing the night away with your family and friends!  This depends on your hair type and products used in the hair.

I have looked through MANY bridal  hair web sites to see  pictures of brides, with scraped back, pulled so tight at the sides hair that the bride looks in pain and a tiara popped on top !!! Thankfully these days are gone…….(well for me they are), and now its all about soft, romantic tousled hair that will have the ability and continuity to last until the very last photo!


3) Should I try hair extensions?

If you have medium length hair (perhaps just above shoulders), and you are thinking of having your hair swept to the side for a soft look, you would like a little bit more thickness (you have fine hair)….then the clip in extensions would be perfect for you.  Brides often say where do i get the extensions from? …There are SO many extensions around, but top tips when choosing extensions are

  • Always buy real hair, this can be curled and shaped which ever way we need for the style, synthetic hair cannot be curled
  • NEVER buy the EXACT colour of your own hair!  Obviously it needs to be blonde if your own hair is blonde, but natural hair  is´nt the same colour and look more natural when there are different shades going through the hair
  • Good, real clip in extensions should cost you anywhere from  50-100 pounds.
  • Remember to practise wearing the extensions.
  • Make sure the clips are NOT too big and thick!
The extensions should be worn to add a little volume, and thickness to the hair, you don’t suddenly want to have Halle Berry hair one second and Katie Price hair the next. Its ALL about accentuating your best features whilst still looking like you.
Hair extensions can be used in a manner of different ways, and do look amazing in the hair!  So give them a go at the trial and see what you think!
4) Will I look back on the hairstyle in years to come and think…WOW..i looked Stunning!
      Over the years hairstyle trends have changed. In the 80´s it was poodle perms, where the hair was scrunch dried with a diffuser, a LOT  of Elnett sprayed, and then a circle of flowers plonked on the head.  This was perfect for the era, but again thankfully wedding style´s, dresses, and visions have come A LONG way since the 80´s. Today´s  bridal looks are classy , elegant and soft. Everything is taken into consideration when choosing a style for your wedding day. At the trial, I always  conduct a  in depth consultation and then all the information is pieced together, to make your style as individual as you are !
Over the next few days, I will be posting some pictures s for different hair styles and different lengths.
As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me, I am always happy to help and advise.
Kathryn x
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