Kathryn welcomes guest blogger, Julie Dawson- The Wedding Genie

Newly Engaged? First Steps to Wedding Planning Utopia


Are you newly engaged and the whole prospect of planning your wedding is a little overwhelming? Don’t worry just read our top tips below and you will be on track with your wedding plans in no time at all.


  •   Set your priorities. This is key to successful wedding planning. Talk about what you want from your wedding day. Your views may be different and now is an excellent time to listen to each other to end up with a day that is truly perfect for you both.


  •   Do the fundamental things first. Set the Date, and the Budget! Discuss who is going to pay for the wedding and how. Decide how much you want to spend and then apportion the budget according to your PRIORITIES. That way you will be sure you spend your money on what you really want. Remember it’s your budget and you can spend it how you like. Take our wedding insurance.


  • Decide on your guest list and choose the venue.  The biggest cost is the reception

and guest list, choose wisely. 45 – 50% of your budget gets taken up here.


  • Decide on a church or civil service.


  • Book a photographer, the good ones get booked early.


  • Sweat the small details later, that way you will have plenty of time to spend on the more fun aspects of wedding planning.


  • Bite sized chunks is the way to attack wedding planning. Put three or four things that you need to do on a list. Keeping your list short and updated will focus your attention. File all paperwork together. Note all suppliers contact details.


  • Surviving wedding planning. Weddings can become all consuming. Take time out with your fiancé. Plan one evening a week where you spend time together and don’t mention the “W” word.




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Photo courtesy of  Julie Kim

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