Hair Extensions- Which ones to choose ?

Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, and Patricia Velasquez have all used extensions to change their look. Extensions can be done in various ways. Select your method and hair type (synthetic or human) based on how much you are willing to spend and how long you want the extensions to last.  Here are a few different varities

Permanent hair extensions.

These human hair extensions are bonded to the hair with a glue close to the root and can last for up to 3 months before you need to have them done again. These look amazing, think celeb hair 24 hours a day with length and volume. The hair  specialist will custom choose the extensions to best match your needs and requirements , and  they can take 3 to 8 hours to put into your hair- so patience is needed here !

Maintaining the hair yourself after can be time consuming depending on the length and thickness that you choose to have, but they do look natural and super stunning!


Clip in hair extensions.

These are VERY popular with brides!  Clip in hair extensions seem to be sold everywhere, but there are different quality´s of hair

Synthetic clip in extensions- These are worn for fashion and no heat can be used on this type of hair, so you cannot curl the hair otherwise it will burn.  The synthetic type can be used to bulk up your own hair ,if wearing your hair up, as the extensions go under your own hair and then  your own hair on TOP of the extensions, so it looks more natural. The synthetic type are generally alot  cheaper that any other type of clip in extension.


Human hair  clip in hair extensions- This type is VERY popular with my brides.  When choosing which shade is best for your hair, they don’t need to be exactly the same colour, but a VERY close match, natural hair is never all the same shade. The human hair extensions, can have heat applied to them whether t be a GHD or hairdryer  and they can also be washed and treated like normal hair. The reason for choosing human hair clip in extensions are

You want more fullness when wearing your hair down and curly

You want to create volume

Human hair clip in extensions are more beneficial as you can wear them to create bulk when wearing your hair up, and you can use heat on them. They are more expensive than synthetic hair and you can pay anywhere from £45-£80 for them, but they do last a LONG time, even if you colour your own hair, you can also colour the extensions to go with your new hair colour!


Hair pieces – I love hair pieces! They can look beautiful in the hair- and no-one would ever know (apart for you and I) here are a few pics of various hair pieces in the hair


The loose hair can then be swept up into a low chignon



The above style is a clip on hair bun that looks very natural.


The photo below is of a bride I did last  year. She had a half hair piece that attached to the  crown part of her head, and looked amazing- even better the hair stayed in place all day and WELL into the early hours of the night




I hope I have shown you a few different types of hair  pieces that are available on the market. The list is endless of the possibilities that you  can do with your hair

Please feel free to email me on any advice that you need.

Kathryn x

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