Tracey Forde

When I first met Tracey in Dublin in January 2011 we did the hair and make up trial and we were all set and ready to go for Tracey´s wedding in September, I did´nt think Tracey would be able to contain her excitement, even in January she was soooo excited!

The time came around so quick, that before we knew it were were in the Stunning Cortijo Bravo hotel, fot those that have´nt been there take a look, its a stunning venue for an amazing wedding !

It was a very early start for the preparations, we started at about 7am, (ouch) But I have to say that even at that time of the morning Tracey´s 3 bridesmaids were all awake  (i think) looking stunning in Jackie Onassis sun glasses !  After a few shots of coffee, a shower and some Pan au Chocolate´s (well quite a few for me) we were geared up and ready to start the preparations!

Tracey´s daughter (Sarah) was to be a flower girl, she was telling me that she was going to do a little speech in the church in Spanish, she had been practising and practising and I knew that she was a little nervous, but I heard after from Tracey that Sarah did it !!!Plus there was´nt a dry eye in the church !

Tracey looked stunning, she had decided to have her hair down with a few soft curls, Tracey has the most beautiful colour hair, and with the shade of her wedding dress it looked Stunning!

It was such a pleasure to be a part of Tracey´s wedding day!

Lots of love Tracey, and have a wonderful married life !

Here are a few photos

David Toms Photographer



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