Sandra and Warner- A Vintage Affair !

When I met Sandra for the first time a few days before the wedding I knew that Sandra and husband to be were going to have a AMAZING wedding.

Sandra´s dress was super stunning, and when she pulled out the veil from its bad, it kept on coming…..and coming…and coming…and coming……it was sooo beautiful and LONG ! Stunning!

Sandra had asked me to try to entwine some beautiful pearls into her hair – the pearls were sentimental as they were her Grandmothers, given to her by her Grandfather and were 52 years old.  Sandra has very dark hair, and the colour of the pearls looked AMAZING in her hair, after a few pins and a shaky hand (did´nt want to damage the pearls) later they were in…and WOW – perfection delivered !

Here are a selection of a few chosen pics courtesy of Jeremy Standley



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